Posted by: atthebarbershop2 | June 16, 2013

Packers’ Donald on Driver Street


Driver Statue


Driver Street


Old Statue

Retired receiver and former Green Bay Packer Donald Driver got a street dedicated in his name and a statue planted in the city, known around the NFL, as Titletown. Driver spent his entire 14 year career with the Packers who drafted him in the seventh round out of HBCU, Alcorn State. (Steve McNair’s school) You can tell from all the people who turned out for the statute’s unveiling that Driver is truly loved in Green Bay. This isn’t a new statue. Since 1985, it stood like a figurine across from the GBP Hall of Fame as a (white) guy catching a football. The conversion includes a coloring or the receiver’s “skin,” and the penciling in of Driver’s name on the back of the uniform.  It’s worth noting that this honor was cooked up by the “city of Green Bay, and not necessarily the Packers franchise, and it comes at a time when Brett Favre is so desperate to for the Packers to recognize his time with the team, that he has stooped to taking the blame for the circumstances that led to Favre leaving the team and predicting that current Packer QB, Aaron Rodgers, will break Favre’s records.Both of those admissions, or lies depending on what you’d like to believe, had to kill Favre!


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